About Us

Shizen Ya Restaurant Group Mission

Envision Happiness

Shizen Ya Restaurant Group’s goal is to envision a smile on all that are involved in our community.

  • 1

    To deliver food that make the world happy

    A healthy and delicious food can easily make us smile. That’s why we want to go above and beyond. Our mission is to provide an enjoyable dining experience and to make sure everyone leaves with a smile. 
  • 2

    To ensure staff’s happiness through work

    To make our patrons happy, we make sure our staff is happy. We thrive to create a work environment where one is free to challenge themselves with anything. 
  • 3

    To protect the environment to make our planet happy

    We are working hard to actively protect the environment, so the earth can smile from the inside.

Company Profile

  • Operating company:
    Nagomi Project Ltd.
  • Established:
    November 1, 2009
  • Representative:
    President and CEO Hideharu Hirose